Cataract CANYON  October 2016

Potash to Hite Marina / 96 miles / 4 days / 9 friends / 5 boats

DAY 1, THURSDAY 13 OCTOBER - Launch Day! Arrived at Potash around 1 am Wednesday night / Thursday morning, then managed to catch a quick snooze on BS's trailer in the parking lot before waking up at 5:30 am to prepare to drive the cars into Moab for the shuttle. Started to rig the boats by 8 am, then launched right before 11 am. After lashing the boats together, we motored through approximately 30 miles of flat water under sunny skies in 80+ºF temperatures, arriving at a campsite right above Indian Creek just in time to catch the sunset. 

DAY 2, FRIDAY 14 OCTOBER - After a leisurely morning in camp, we headed back on the river to cover another 20 or so miles of flat water. Stopped for a quick hike into a side canyon and then again to shoot a classic group photo at the Cataract Canyon sign, then eventually arrived at a campsite just below the Confluence. Caught a beautiful sunset over the Dollhouse, then an epic moonrise over the canyon walls.

DAY 3, SATURDAY 15 OCTOBER - Rapids Day! Fourteen miles of rapids and two pins later, we arrived at a campsite near Gypsum Canyon.  (Update, 10/30/16: Check out BS' GoPro video over here!)

DAY 4, SUNDAY 16 OCTOBER - After being sandblasted all night, woke up to a calm morning under a beautiful sky on my first day of 33. A quick morning in camp, then back on the river to cover the remaining 28 miles to the takeout. The wind returned in the afternoon, and with 20+ MPH upriver winds, the Colorado River and its whitecaps felt like the ocean; thank God for motors, or else we would probably still be rowing down river. Arrived at Hite Marina (home to the worst boat ramp ever) just after 6 pm, then caught a crazy sunset and full moon on our way back home to SLC. 

Cataract Canyon in B&W 35 mm film

This was my third consecutive birthday that just so happened to be spent on the river (see Gates 2014 / Gates 2015), and every year it's been one of the best coincidences ever. So many thanks to all of these wonderful characters for yet another perfect trip; see you on the Grand trip in December!

... More: Peep the full photoset on Flickr over here

UPDATE 103016BS put together this great GoPro video, check it out!