For Your Enjoyment #19

Sabra has identified a three-step hummus learning process.

- About 80 million Americans don't know what hummus is (image above)

The Sweet Valley High novels were undoubtedly the literary training bras for those of us who were preteens in the eighties.

- Amy Benfer dissects one of my favorite guilty pleasures of all time, "Sweet Valley High"

"Every part of us wanted to believe that he was pulled out in time," he said, "but the logical side of us knew that he wasn't."

- Was a tragedy at a 2013 Tough Mudder preventable?

How do you feel about the typing indicator —“David is typing”— that appears on your buddy’s screen while you’re composing a message in chat? Does it make you feel self-conscious? Do you feel paranoid? If so, you have me to blame, because I was one of the people who invented the damn thing. But I can explain everything...

- David Auerbach, developer of the iPhone "..." typing indicator, defends his stress-inducing creation

[Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web] revealed the thing about Web use today that surprises him most: kittens. Yes, the Web’s obsession with cats - be they grumpy, heart-meltingly adorable or musically inclined - has astounded the man who helped make it all possible.

- Inventor Of Web Astounded By All The Cats Online

"There's this unwritten rule of the Internet, it's called rule zero, and it's you don't mess with cats." 

- The online efforts of animal rights activists led to the capture of killer Luka Magnotta

[F]or the 25,000 or so active abalone hunters in California, this ugly sea snail, with the meaty texture of steak and the delicate flavor of calamari, is an unsurpassed luxury. And the punishment and perils of the hunt are more than a cheap adrenaline rush. For them abalone is a taste worth dying for.

- San Francisco Magazine examines the increasingly dangerous sport of abalone diving

[O]pponents of single-sex education argue that separating children by gender is not only sexist, it also leads to harmful gender stereotyping. They also state that the existing science does not show that same-sex education has tangible benefits and that public funding should not be used to support segregating students by gender...Yet interest in the potential promise of single-sex schooling continues to grow. 

- The Atlantic discusses the never-ending controversy over single-sex education

I’ve never hated a film quite the way I hate Dead Poets Society.

- Kevin Dettmar, humanities scholar, explains his hatred for the supposedly beloved classic "Dead Poet's Society"

Teaching isn’t like the movies. It’s a lot more boring than what you see in Hollywood. Breakthroughs come a lot slower. And guess what? That’s a good thing. 

- Why you should stop watching Feel-Good Teacher movies

The Moomin Café in Japan seats solo diners with cuddly stuffed animals to make the experience of dining alone a little less lonely.

- Dining alone? Not anymore!

Hertz will happily rent you an Audi, (or a Porsche, for that matter). What they won’t do is prevent you from having to encounter the idea of a Hyundai — to pass one under the Gold canopy, for example, or to be seated next to normals on the courtesy bus who might later slum it in an Elantra...When Silvercar sells you car rental that “doesn’t suck,” they’re really selling you car rental that doesn’t involve ordinary people, that end arounds the inefficiencies of large-scale practice by buying out of it. 

- Ian Bogost explains the luxury of avoiding people

The company responded to my questions about its environmental practices by emailing a press release containing information identical to what’s in the catalogue.

- The New Yorker addresses the ridiculousness of Restoration Hardware's annual 17-lb mail order catalogue

Look out, gays and lesbians – the straight people are coming for your real estate.

- Salon asks the now-age-old question of whether or not gayborhoods are dying out

[The Wikimedia Foundation] argues that [photographer David] Slater doesn’t own the picture’s copyright because he didn’t take the picture—the monkey did. And since the monkey can’t own the rights, nobody does.

- Who owns the rights to a monkey's selfie?

Our complicated relationship with clowns spans everything from the circus to the sex dungeon, from Saturday morning Bozo to Tim Curry peering up from the storm drain, from Patch Adams to Insane Clown Posse, not to mention the ubiquity of that flame-haired, greasepaint visage, the placidly smiling face of what is surely the 20th-century Ozymandias: Ronald McDonald. Every person I told about my plan to attend the clown convention voiced concern for my well-being.

- BuzzFeed pays a visit to the World Clown Association annual conference