CoolComfort's Travel Journal!

My dad's new and super awesome travel journal is finally live!! This certainly marks quite a step in the forward and upward direction with regards to his blogging - his new site was well worth the wait (he's been working on it for weeks!), as it's an incredible improvement over his previous forays into online journaling. For those of you have been following us over the past few months / years, you may recall that his initial introduction [to blogging] came via Tumblr (at my suggestion, back when my old blog was hosted over there years ago), which, while free, doesn't offer the most aesthetically pleasing nor well-organized of layouts. Next came TravelPod, which enables users to share travel-related entries but isn't exactly conducive to posting regular life updates nor does it quite allow for the presentation a full cohesive blog. Anyways, previous valiant starts aside, dad's finally bitten the Serious Blogging Bullet and moved himself over to WordPress, and, learning curve aside, I'm happy to report that it's most definitely paid off! His new site is cleanly presented, well-organized and incredibly easy to navigate. If you're interested in beautiful photographs, detailed descriptions of wonderful travel escapades and generally personable and earnest writing, do yourself a favor and follow him over here!