Achy Breaky Heart

Oh, God, no. No X-Files, no. I’ve been a sturdy defender of Chris Carter for weeks now, ready to take to the mat any criticism levied at his totally satisfying 10th-season premiere, ready to apologize for his humdrum direction and lack of any discernible grace — and this is how I’m rewarded? This is what my loyalty and steadfastness deserves? The Lumineers? Ho hey: This episode got real bad in a hurry... “Babylon” is an ultimately clumsy stumble from greatness. You are my struggle, Chris Carter. Stop doing this to me.


I couldn't have said it any better myself. DM and I just watched this past week's episode of the new X-Files reboot (Season 10, Episode 5), and I can honestly say that it was quite possibly one of the worst things I've ever seen. (Note that this is coming from someone who is a self-admitted Lover of Horrible Movies.) I'm not even going to post a link for anyone to watch the damn episode because it was that bad. X-Files, what were you thinking?? How can a show go from SO, SO good to THE WORST THING EVER in two episodes? Chris Carter, you're breaking my heart. GAH.

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