The Year in Review: 2018

After a two-week delay, it’s time for another edition of The Year in Review. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive overview I’d suggest reading this, but for now, here’s what I’ve got. My little Passport to Your National Parks book earned three new stamps, one from Redwoods NP, another from a sailing adventure around the Channel Islands and third from a Comfort family vacation to Olympic NP. My best friend DM came to visit some penguins in SLC; I attempted to help JM KonMari his apartment; SS hosted a wonderful puja ceremony at her new home; Gatsby got a(nother) cat bed. D and I spent some quality time wearing banana costumes on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, traveling to Boise to watch MH and Ferro earn a blue ribbon at the Idaho Dressage Festival, thwarting United Airlines’ most valiant attempts to prevent us from returning to Quimby’s, mingling with saguaros and watching 1/4 of the Raiders’ winning games for the season, avoiding the dance floor at DG’s Portland wedding and again at TM’s Bay Area wedding, navigating hay bale mazes in Half Moon Bay and finally relaxing with family over the Christmas holiday. As for me personally, I’ve somehow become a reluctant part-time early riser, am making a half-hearted effort to wear more pink and am still fighting the urge to skip leg day every week.

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