Dear 2018 Self


Plan that trip to AK - Olympic - Badlands - the Faroe Islands that you've been meaning to take / Don't skip leg day / Go to bed early / Read all those books you've been stockpiling / Wear more pink? / Tell your parents that you love them every chance you get; call your friends back / Be kind to yourself and at the end of the day, don't sweat the small stuff


At some point in my early, entrepreneurial life, I asked my parents, "How come there is a Mother's Day and a Father's Day, but not a Daughter's Day?" Lacking any sort answer that would have been acceptable to my determined self, my parents thereafter named April 20th as "Daughter's Appreciation Day", set to be celebrated each year on the day of my adoption. When I was younger, this Comfort family holiday was entirely self-serving, as it meant I received extra dessert, a new handmade sweatshirt from my mom (complete with puffy pain and iron-in decals!) and a few extra dollars for my piggy bank. As I've grown older, however, I've come to realize that Daughter's Appreciation Day is less about giving to me than it is for me giving back, as it provides me with the opportunity to reflect on how grateful I am for every day that I have with my parents. Despite how hard the Hallmark industry may try, holidays aren't a commercialized venture in our family, and while we have no need for a "special day" to show thankfulness and love, I'm pretty sure that it doesn't hurt to have one anyways. 😊  So today: Here's to my mom and dad, the two most wonderful, inspiring, loving and selfless individuals I know. I'm eternally proud to call myself your daughter.