Welcome Back

After a year-long hiatus, we headed back to Quimby's for our annual visit this past week. We stayed in Silver Sedge this year, a few cabins down from our usual Greenwell's Glory, but otherwise, everything was just as I'd remembered. My little egg carton animal friends were still in the lodge; April's Maple now offers maple soft serve in addition to their usual array of syrup varieties ; I still didn't see any beavers on our kayak trip onto Forest Lake; the views and sunsets were just as picturesque as ever. 


Averill Mountain

Our usual hike up Averill provided us with a great view but no fresh berries, so D brought me three blueberries from his trip up Brousseau Mountain a few days later.


Pittsburg, NH

We drove over to New Hampshire to hike up Magalloway Mountain to the fire tower lookout (a Quimby week first for me!), then headed over to Garfield Falls


Farewell, QC

Thanks for the good times, Quimby's, and hopefully we'll see you again next year! On my 2018 QC To Do List: find a moose and a beaver; remember to bring a tripod and a little lantern; eat more April's maple cotton candy.