Yellowstone  AUGUST 2014

Idaho, 082914 - Tonight's Random Hotel: Motel West in Idaho Falls

083014 - We stopped at Yellowstone Bear World on the way into Yellowstone, and had a chance to bottle feed the 7-month-old black bear cubs. I’m on the fence about the place - as a drive-through wild animal preserve, it’s definitely a step up [in terms of humane animal treatment] from a regular zoo, but there’s still something off-putting about seeing these creatures (albeit all born and raised in the preserve, not taken from the wild) in captivity.

Yellowstone, 083014 - Yellowstone for the afternoon? Sure, why not.

Grand Prismatic Spring, 083014 - Our main reason for driving through Yellowstone this weekend was to see this place. Definitely worth a quick scramble up the Fairy Falls Trail to get a good overview rather than taking the boardwalk around the spring itself.

Jackson Lake, 083014 - A quick drive through Grand Teton National Park

Accidental Camera Settings, 083014 - Somewhere en route to Idaho Falls.

083114 - Idaho

Craters of the Moon, 083114 - Such a beautiful, crazy landscape.

Sun Valley, 083114 - Moonrise

Sawtooth Wilderness, 090114 - Afternoon hike from Iron Creek to Alpine and Sawtooth Lakes

090114 - Met a few little chipmunk friends on our way up to Sawtooth Lake

Pikas, 090114 - We saw (and heard!) a bunch of these furry little guys up in the mountains!

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