Zion  February 2016

021316 - D and I took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend and drove down to Zion, the last of the Utah National Parks that we hadn't yet visited together. We made it into the park early Saturday morning before they closed to gates to car traffic to avoid overcrowding, then spent the rest of the day hiking and wandering (and visiting gift shops, of course).

The Narrows, 021416 - For our second day in the park, we put our dry suits to good use and hiked into The Narrows to see Wall Street. The 40ºF Virgin River was flowing at 85 CFS and the water was knee to chest-high at points. I ran into an underwater boulder and now have a huge bruise on my shin, and I'm pretty sure that every muscle in my legs and walking-stick-using arm is going to be sore for a week.  It was worth every second.

Thanks for a great weekend, Zion, see you again soon...perhaps we'll try for a Subway permit next time?? 😊