080517 / 080617 - First up on our quick Boston weekend-o'-touristing: a trip to the Skywalk Observatory on Saturday evening to admire the views, then a walk over to Boston Common and a stroll along the Freedom Trail to Faneuil Hall, where we ended the night at a dive bar playing incredibly loud and thoroughly enjoyable 90s music on the jute box. Sunday morning began with stop at the first Dunkin' Donuts, then a visit to the Scituate Lighthouse. A drive back into the city took us to the Bunker Hill Monument, then we hopped back on the Freedom Trail and headed over to the USS Constitution before bidding the east coast farewell; I owe a special "Thank You" to whomever set our flight path over the city, and D for allowing me to take the window seat for some great views. Also of note: I left my trusty little Passport to Your National Parks book at home, so had to make do with some stamps on scratch paper and Scotch tape after the fact.


Westminster is a huge fan of the flipped classroom approach to teaching, and sent a few of us out to Colorado Springs to attend the POGIL Southwest Regional Conference this past week. In addition to three days of discussing classics such as "teamwork", "oral and written communication", "management", "information processing", "critical thinking", "problem solving" and "assessment", I also learned an incredible amount of additional jargon as well. Ridiculous buzzwords aside, however, the conference was actually quite informative and I'm really looking forward to implementing some new ideas into my classroom for this fall! 

Back to the Bay

070517 to 070917 - This month's whirlwind trip back to the Bay Area involved four and a half days of non-stop eating & coffee-drinking, wedding-attending, Lyfting and reunioning. A few stops on this visit: Porno Palace / Lake Merritt / Shan Dong / Ramen Shop / Heart & Dagger / Fournée Bakery / Humphry Slocombe / Heath Ceramics / Blue Bottle / Club Mallard / Piedmont Cafe / Oakland MuseumGolden Bull / Brown Sugar Kitchen / Trouble Coffee / Gaylord's