Smoothie time

I've been on a DIY smoothie kick as of late. This simple green smoothie is entirely foolproof and delicious, just throw 1 cup of fresh spinach and 1 cup of water into a blender until well mixed, then add half a cup each of mango and pineapple and 1 banana (fruit can be fresh or frozen). Grab a straw and enjoy!

The CoolComforts Go To France!

Here are some of my favorites from my parents' France photo album, follow the rest of their photogenic two-week vacation over on my dad's (newly updated!) blog here.


DM and I recently made a donation together to the Elephant Orphans' Program through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, whose goal is to raise the elephants in such a way that they will be able to resume a life back in the wild when ready. We're sponsoring Sokotei, a one-year-old African elephant who was rescued in May in the Samburu National Reserve after holding vigil over his mother's body. Read more about the Elephant Orphans' Program over here / peep more photos of Sokotei over here / donate to the DSWT over here.