United Airlines, You're the Worst


Our annual trek out to Vermont this summer took no less than an entire weekend, more than six canceled flights and a few hundred dollars in rescheduled plans. TL;DR: Getting to Quimby's was no easy feat this year, and I'm never flying United again.  

Friday 27 July: After scrambling with last-minute travel prep all day, as we were running out the door to catch a red-eye from SLC to Newark onto Manchester, NH, we were informed that the SLC to EWR flight had been canceled. A few phone calls and zero answers later, United rescheduled us from Salt Lake to Denver to Chicago to Manchester for Saturday morning. Failed attempts #1 and 2: SLC to EWR / EWR to MHT

Saturday 28 July: Woke up at 4 am to catch our flight out of town, only to have our SLC to DEN flight canceled. After more phone calls and still no explanations, the best United could do was put us on the same schedule for the following day. Failed attempts #3, 4 and 5: SLC to DEN / DEN to ORD / ORD to MHT

Sunday 29 July: The good news: we made it out of Utah. The bad news: we only made it one state over. Our morning began with the SLC Airport parking lot machine eating D's credit card, then our flight was delayed, causing us to miss our connection in Denver. Two $10 meal vouchers, over six hours and a lot of mindless wandering through every single terminal in the Denver International Airport later, we finally made it into Boston, drove four hours up to Vermont and arrived at Quimby's around 2:30 Monday morning. Failed attempts #6 and 7: DEN to ORD / ORD to MHT (canceled after we received that not very helpful email while stranded in Denver) 

In short, if you or anyone for whom you even remotely care is thinking about flying United, don't. Just don't. So to answer your question, Orbitz, no, I'm not happy with my United trip. So there.