A Brazilian free-tail who isn’t good at being a bat

In continuing with my ongoing animal adoption spree, MS and I recently made a donation to Bat World, a non-profit sanctuary that provides care and rehabilitation for orphaned bats, in honor of a little free-tailed bat named Little E. E was initially rescued and subsequently released back into the wild, but was unable to survive on his own so was brought back and given a permanent home at Bat World: 

"The minute we arrived back at Bat World the little bat knew where he was. He perked up considerably and couldn’t wait to jump into a soft roosting pouch. He was examined and hydrated, then fed a rich meal of blended insects. After his tiny belly was full he fell to sleep, cuddled up with some of his old roostmates that were still in rehab. We are grateful knowing the little bat is safe and sound.  Little E is just not good at being a bat, but here, it doesn’t matter. He can fly safely within the confines of a flight cage every night, snuggle with roostmates every day, and eat food that is always catered."

Read more about Little E over here / watch the video that convinced us to donate here / donate to Bat World Sanctuary over here. On a related note, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust monthly newsletter reports that Sokotei, the little African elephant that DM and I are sponsoring, is doing quite well - if not causing a bit of mischief - over in his Nairobi Nursery.